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Small Aftercooler

P/N 40121955 & 8288974 for Complete Assemblies
P/N 8284598 for Core

Niagara Cooler replacement mechanical bond oil coolers and aftercoolers for EMD engines are built for superior performance and years of durability.

The superior quality and workmanship of these oil coolers and aftercoolers are second to none. The materials used in construction of these coolers are the highest quality the industry can provide.

High quality aluminum fins are used along with copper or red brass seamless tubes which are mechanically expanded into fins for 100% contact and excellent heat transfer. Tubes are mechanically expanded into 1/2" thick steel headers for durability and strength. The coolers feature removable stainless steel side channels for easier cleaning.

Quality is one of Niagara Cooler's priorities. Niagara Cooler has Statistical Process Control (SPC) programs set up for all their products. Certification of all materials is another must at Niagara Cooler. Material certification records are available at all times for verification purposes.

Niagara Cooler keeps inventory of all products so we can have your small orders filled at a moment's notice. For larger orders, Niagara Cooler can answer your needs with a minimum amount of lead time.

Because Niagara Cooler specialized in replacement EMD diesel engine oil coolers and aftercoolers, quality and on-time delivery is easy. Low overhead and a smooth-flowing operation account for our low prices.


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