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Four Pass Copper Fin Aftercooler

(Replaces EMD P/N 9541961, 8365645,  8409891, 8435459, 40020885)
Niagara Cooler part number 9541961 4PC

Niagara Cooler also offers a version for the 567 Engine

(Replaces EMD P/N 8288974)
Niagara Cooler P/N 8288974 4PC

Niagara Cooler Four Pass Aftercooler Features

  • Baffled Inlet and Outlet covers to direct the cooling water flow through the Tube Core Four Passes.
  • 16 FPI to increase heat transfer area
  • Heavy Copper Fins
  • Side Baffles that direct air flow through the Tube and Fin Core, rather than out the sides
  • 3/8" Inch Red Brass Tube


  • Up to 33.5 degree reduction in air box temperature with Four Pass CopperAftercooler
  • A Fuel saving
  • Four Pass Aftercooler has identical exterior dimension so this Four PassAftercooler is a direct replacement for the Two Pass Aftercooler. This application fits where any of P/N 9541961, 8435459, 8409891, 8365645 are standard.

This Four Pass Copper Aftercooler lowers air box combustion and exhaust temperatures. It is designed to be applied to E.M.D. 710 G. 16 and 20 cylinder 645 Engines series.

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