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Niagara Cooler Heat Exchangers

About Niagara Cooler

Niagara Cooler was incorporated in 1986. Its headquarters is located in Lockport, New York. In the beginning, Niagara Cooler was founded to address an industry need for quality replacement of Radiators, Oil Coolers and Aftercoolers for the railroad industries. That vision remains with the company today.

By 1988, it was manufacturing oil coolers and aftercoolers for a major railway parts distributor in the South. Niagara Cooler manufactured over 1,300 oil coolers and 350 aftercoolers for this distributor. Niagara Cooler is no longer affiliated with this distributor and is selling on the open market.

Niagara Cooler's principal owner Joseph M. Loiacano has been involved in manufacturing EMD oil coolers and aftercoolers for many years. From 1981 to 1984, he worked at Harrison Radiator Division, where he manufactured oil coolers and aftercoolers for the OEM which is EMD. In 1985, Harrison Radiator discontinued the manufacture of these coolers, and Niagara Cooler acquired the tooling for them.


Niagara Cooler understands the critical need for quality replacement oil coolers for the Marine, Off-Highway, Over-The-Road and Construction industries. Niagara Cooler, Inc. is constantly adding new products and is fully dedicated to quality, on-time delivery, and low prices


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