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Marine Intercoolers

Niagara Cooler Inc. manufacturers Marine Intercoolers for various diesel engine lines which include Detroit Diesel™ J&T™ Mack™ Clark™ Penske™, American Marine Diesel™.

Part numbers and engine models of Marine Intercoolers are as follows:

DDC 14 Series 60
J&T 6-71
DDC 12V71
DDC 6L-71
P/N 23507179 DDC
P/N 23507180 DDC
P/N 23507181 DDC
DDC 8.2 L
P/N 23509358 DDC
DDC 8V-92 & 8V-71
P/N 23506671 DDC

P/N 8542182 DDC
P/N 8536490 DDC
JT 8V-92
DDC 5148393
P/N 5121986
Mack E7
Mack E9

DDC 12V-71 & 6L-71

P/N 23507179
P/N 23507180
P/N 23507181

DDC 8V-92 & 8V71

P/N 23506671
P/N 8542182
P/N 8536490



Marine and Power Generator lube oil cooler assembly for EMD® Diesel Engines (pdf)

6" Mechanical Bonded Oil Cooler Bottom and Top Cover or Header, Valve Assembly, Discharge Baffle Plate and Tank (pdf)


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