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Niagara Cooler Inc.

Niagara Cooler, Inc. manufactures oil coolers, aftercoolers, and supplies radiators for heavy duty diesel engines. Applications are locomotives, power generator sets, marine, over the road, off road, construction and earth moving. Niagara Cooler, Inc. can also recondition and can restore some of these products.



Locomotive Products


Plate Type Oil Cooler


Heat Exchangers


replacement parts for electro motive engines & locomotives

Replacement parts for electro motive engines and locomotives, General Electric™ locomotives and ALCO™ engines and locomotives.


plate type oil coolers

New oil coolers for the marine, off highway, OTR and construction industries.


Corrosion resistant heat exchangers

Corrosion resistance alloy material, high efficiency, compactness, lightweight and durability makes these high quality heat exchangers.




Plate Type Oil Cooler in Housing


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plate type engine coolers for stock cars

Plate type engine coolers for the stock car, Indy™ car, Formula One™, IMSA™, Trans Am™, Bush Grand Nationals™ and Late Model Sportsman™ cars.


plate type oil cooler in housing

Very efficient, compact and durable. Can be taken apart to clean or change the plate type oil cooler. Stainless steel core and housing. Low cost and very competitive.


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We understand the critical need for quality replacement oil coolers for the Marine, Off-Highway, Over-The-Road and Construction industries. We are fully dedicated to quality, on-time delivery, and low prices.


Design Construction
Oil Coolers: Plate Type 3 x 7, 3 x 10, 3 x 18 and 2 ¼ x 16 flat tubes. Tube and fin mechanically bonded.
Aftercoolers: Tube and fin mechanically bonded.
Radiators: Flat to round, soldered, mechanically rolled tube to header.

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